RE Website Package Proposal

RE Website Package Proposal

RE Website Package

The following features, process, and pricing should be considered an initial proposal and any details are negotiable. Any questions or concerns can be directed to

Site Features

  • Responsive: Seamlessly transition from a small mobile phone to a desktop monitor.
  • Accessible: The site will work across all modern browsers and devices, and be WCAG AA Compliant to create a great experience for every visitor and avoid potential lawsuits.
  • Semantic Markup: Built using modern HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Simple, maintainable, and semantic code that allows search engines to easily index content for a SEO boost.
  • Static Site: No server or backend other than static file storage. Static sites offer better load times and performance for visitors and no security concerns.

Process & Deliverables

  1. Research & Strategy: Define the business objectives, content outline, and technical requirements of the site.
  2. Sitemap & Navigation: Visualize the informational relationship and navigational flow between all pages. This will help define global design requirements.
  3. Wireframe Prototype: Represents the organization of information on each page and demonstrates navigation and flow through the site. Layout, composition, and styles are not accounted for at this phase.
  4. Style Tile: A collection of design elements that represent the look and feel of the site. Allows us to quickly hone in on the perfect aesthetic without focusing on layout or content.
  5. Mockup: A clickable version of the full site with final content and copy. Once approved, the design and page outlines are locked. Minor content changes are allowed, like changing a photo or rephrasing a sentence.
  6. Implementation: Templates and reusable UI components will be created first, then specific pages with final content will be built out. All designs, assets, source and compiled code for the project will be provided upon completion.

Upgrades & Addons

These items are not included in the original scope defined above, but can be optionally added. Any of these would impact budget and timeline based on their scope and complexity.

  • Interactive Functionality: Contact forms, calculators, or anything that the user can dynamically interact with and send or receive data.
  • Ongoing Support: Hosting, maintenance, content updates, and bug fixes on an ongoing hourly basis.
  • CMS Integration: Integrate with a CMS so your team can easily edit content.

Pricing & Payment Options

Base Website Package
Friends & Family Discount (35%)

Basic Package

Total price is split into 2 payments. You will be responsible for publishing, hosting, and updates upon delivery.

  • $1335 (40%) prior to project starting
  • $2000 (60%) upon completion

Service Subscription

Payment is spread out over monthly installments. Ongoing services and support are bundled, including maintenance and content updates.

$300/Month x 12 Months