Hi, I’m Alex, a senior designer with 10 years experience working on highly collaborative teams to solve complex problems. Infinitely curious and perpetually learning.

Work Experience


GETTYMADE, Denver CO / March 2022 - Present

After almost a decade of being an agency designer, I took the leap and started my own business. I work with everyone from agencies, international enterprises, startups, and individuals to provide design, illustration, and engineering solutions for a variety of problems. I also operate multiple e-commerce brands, including Despair Factory, Altered Domain, and Metomica.

Senior Product Designer

ANDCULTURE, Harrisburg PA / March 2021 - March 2022

As the solo designer on one of Andculture's biggest partnerships, I helped bring a 100 year old company into the modern age by replacing their core product with a digital upgrade. I worked closely with our team and our clients to understand their needs, prioritize features, and contributing to strategic business decisions. My main activities were prototyping new features and updates, maintaining the design system, working with engineers to scope, implement & test, and advocating for user testing and data-driven design.

Principal Designer

CATAMARAN, Harrisburg PA / November 2019 - March 2021

Catamaran, Andculture’s venture arm, partners with early-stage startups and founders to help bring their vision to life. As a 4 person team, we all wore a lot of different hats. I specialized in business and product strategy, prototyping, UX/UI design, front-end development, and analytics but was often helping in other ways, like facilitating workshops and conducting primary and secondary research. When we weren’t busy with client partner work, we continued the goal of Andculture Lab and worked on internal business ideas.

Lab Director

ANDCULTURE, Harrisburg PA / September 2017 - November 2019

As Lab Director, I lead Andculture’s internal innovation efforts. The lab’s primary activity was “Lab Time,” a bi-weekly opportunity for every member of the company to self-organize into teams and work on interesting projects for a few hours, from investigating a new cutting-edge technology (AR/VR and Blockchain were two of the popular ones), reworking an internal tool or process to boost productivity, to developing business ideas that could be spun-off as separate businesses. I developed the tools and processes to evaluate internal projects and direct resources to promising opportunities, planned and facilitated workshops and educational activities, wrote an internal company newsletter, and worked on a few of the lab projects directly.


ANDCULTURE, Harrisburg PA / September 2013 - September 2017

As an early member of Andculture’s growing design team, I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of print and digital projects over the years. Starting out, most of my days were filled with pitch decks, discovery books, infographics, one-pages, and a few conference booths. I started doing landing pages and web sites, then moved to large-scale web applications like a data-analytics dashboard for hospitals, a custom-built CMS and e-commerce platform, and a learning management system for a virtual school of over 10,000 students.

Design Intern

ANDCULTURE, Harrisburg PA / June 2013 - September 2013

After graduating, I immediately landed a coveted design internship which would grow into an almost decade long career. This wasn’t a typical internship with busy work and coffee runs (Although I was responsible for refilling the office keg). From day 1, I was working on real client projects and making a meaningful impact on the team, doing everything from pro bono work for The American Cancer Society, to leading fast-paced and inventive pitches to score new clients.



Alex Getty







Web Design

Design Systems

Front-End Development

Accessibility & Usability

Data & Process Visualization



Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Sketch, VS Code, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git & Github, Microsoft Office, Gsuite, Notion, Miro, Pendo, Mixpanel, and many more.


Entrepreneurship, Woodworking, Backpacking & Mountaineering, Gardening, Cooking


Formal Education

Messiah University

Grantham, PA

BA in Studio Art, Graphic Design Concentration

Graduated May 2013

Online Courses

Web Accessibility

By Deque University

Web Accessibility

By Google on Udacity

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies

By Princeton University on Coursera